Introducing Myton Design

Myton Design will be quiet unlike any other Web design company you might have met, but we think that’s one of our strengths.

Let us explain…

Myton Design is a sister company of our big brother Myton Automotive, which is an international ecommerce automotive parts supplier (wow, that’s a mouthful!).

A family owned company, Myton Automotive itself was born out of the acquisition of an old-fashioned Jaguar car ‘breaker’ in 2004 and then a small Peugeot parts web shop in 2005. Fusing these two companies together, through lots of hard work and perseverance, we learnt a lot of real business lessons, especially when it came to doing business online.

Over the years, we gradually pulled more and more of the development in house, and focussed on streamlining our business. This process allowed us to save a great deal of an amount of money and also made us realise what was important and what was not when it came to having a digital presence online.

Where we differ is that we are not just a web agency. We have real business experience in growing companies online.

Allow us to help you realise the vision you have for your business, just as we have, using our real business experience